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About Dr P K Jha

Neurosurgeon with 25+ years experience

Dr P K Jha is a renowned neurosurgeon operating on brain and spine for last 27 years. He was trained in prestigious AIIMS New Delhi and has done thousands of surgeries on brain and spine of all kinds in Delhi NCR and Bihar. His patients are very happy and satisfied as well as grateful for their limbs and lives saved.

He uses the latest state of art and technologies. He has worked apart from AIIMS in hospitals like Max, Dharmahila Narayana and Yatharth groups. Dr Jha is leading a team of other neurosurgeons, neurologists, psychologist, life coaches, occupational therapists to provide Neuro Care to other people outside Delhi NCR so that everyone get affordable and timely neuro care.

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Patient's services

Unique services for patients

Neuro Care India

Online and video consultation

Time matters for brain and nerve. Sooner we the diagnosis is done and right treatment started, better for the patient. Dr Jha provides online and video consultation for patients to save their time and money.

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Stress Management online

Many symptoms like tension headache, migraine, neck and back pain, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue etc arises from high stress and lack of clarity in life. Dr Jha is also a life coach and his team has been doing miraculous work in helping people coming out of stress and lead a peaceful and productive life through his unique methods offline and online courses. It consists of digital stress index, brain mapping, neuro and bio feedback and motivation.

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Services adapted to all levels

There are many patients who are serious and cannot afford the facility of a five star hospital or wait in line for treatment in a government hospital. Dr Jha manages such patients in many centers where low cost is possible yet the level of care is equally good.

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Services in Bihar too

Dr Jha has his own hospital in Bihar, Bhagalpur, where he visits as per need and operates patients who can not come to Delhi. He has done many miraculous surgeries there and saved life of such patients.

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Neurology services

Dr Jha himself sees many cases of neurology and also help patients to get expert advices from his neurology colleagues whenever needed

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Types of treatment

All major brain and spine surgeries

Dr Jha does all kinds of major brain and spine surgeries, inlcuding microscopic and endoscopic.

Head injury

Prevent loss of life and limbs

Spine surgeries

Spine disc, deformity and tumors


Brain and spinal cord tumours


DBS (for Parkinsonism)

Few surgeries which saved life!

Brain and spine surgeries

Huge brain tumor

Before and after surgery
11 hours operations saved his life!

Cervical spine

Severe compression spinal cord
Started walking soon after surgery!

CP angle tumor

Tumor from nerve of ear
Successfully removed, with facial nerve preserved!

Brain aneurysm

Brain hemorrhage due to aneurysm
Succesfully clipped, life saved!


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